Yoga Vs Meditation: Differences And Similarities

The difference between meditation and yoga is a question that arises from the growing interest in emotional and physical development practices. They are relevant and genuine, here is the perfect space to find out about this topic!

Doubt arises, as the practices move towards the practitioner’s personal and spiritual growth in order to build a centered individual through the enhancement of consciousness and the body’s own strength.

If you don’t know the main differences between meditation and yoga, know that you are not alone on this journey. Come on?

What is Yoga?

Originating in India, 5000 years ago, yoga is a spiritual discipline and aims to evolve people in all aspects of their existence. It is a practice that involves well-being at all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, consisting of the union of body and mind with what is around us.

And meditation?

Meditation is a body and mind regulation practice that trains the focus of attention, to achieve tranquility, concentration, stress and anxiety reduction. Like yoga, it is intended to evolve people.

In addition to the benefits for the mind, meditation also has an effect on physical health, acting on blood regulation, blood pressure and heart rate.

What’s the difference between the two?

In summary, the practice of yoga encompasses the development of internal, external and mental stability. Meditation, on the other hand, is focused on internal stability, which can also be achieved through yoga.

Both practices demand concentration and mental focus, it is necessary to practice constantly and persistently to enjoy the benefits that yoga and meditation can bring to the body and mind.

One complements the other.

There are many similarities and complementarities between the two. However, this happens without both losing their particularities and benefits for practitioners.

While meditation is a highlight of yoga and can be practiced separately, the practice of yoga asks the individual to advance in the exercise of meditation, considering that the development of consciousness and mind completes the benefits of yoga for those who practice it.

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