Understand how Hot Yoga can improve your mental health

Yes, Hot Yoga works the body, emotional and spirit! Everything you need to have a healthier life.

Hot Yoga teaches you how to relax, manage stress, but it also increases the ability to focus. Plus, with practice in the heat, it releases endorphins, a powerful brain chemical that energizes your spirit and makes you feel good.

Regular practice of Hot Yoga can reduce muscle tension, but above all, reduce mental tension. Especially during meditation, where you learn to observe and bring your mind to the present moment.

See more ways that the practice of Hot Yoga can positively impact your mental health:

1. Take greater control of your emotions

Hot Yoga combined with meditation is able to take practitioners to an undisturbed state of tranquility. Deep breathing combined with slow movements calms the mind and regulates the heartbeat.

Individuals who do not usually think before acting or who react intensely to casual events, for example, become more centered versions of themselves.

2. Live in the present

Result of deep yoga breathing, a state of serenity is what allows you to live more in the present moment and reduces the harm of anxiety.

Conflicting thoughts disappear with each new position, as you need to focus on holding the postures and listening to the teacher’s instructions. Basically, there’s no time to think about anything other than what you’re doing at the moment.

3. Learn to relax deeply!

With so much work and everyday tasks, it is increasingly difficult to relax deeply, a consequence of this reality is the burnout syndrome and emotional dysregulation. Hot Yoga teaches you to relax your entire body, disconnecting from the rest of the world and fully focusing on your body and mind.

Relaxation is essential for reducing the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the body. When produced in exaggerated proportions, they cause a series of health complications.

4. Improve your sleep.

Hot Yoga helps you fall asleep faster, as a result of reducing stress and increasing tranquility, sleeping becomes much easier and more relaxing.

Now you know 4 ways that Hot Yoga helps your mental health, how about starting right now? Contact us!

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