Sun Yoga


Sun Yoga


The Sun Yoga studio community is so special!

Our members and teachers are part of our extended family – in Hawaii, we call it ‘ohana. Our ‘ohana is one of our greatest values. We are grateful each day for the amazing paradise we call home, and the sense of connection and oneness we have with each other. This connection is the essence of yoga.

We love to know about you and hear your stories. We receive great fulfillment from getting to know each other. We live in an age where society is starting to connect primarily through social media. We understand and value technology; however at Sun Yoga, we enjoy connecting in an old-fashioned way. Our community enjoys talking story in the lobby, but also love to relax on the mat before class begins in silence.

At Sun Yoga we listen to our students’ preferences and individual needs. We understand life happens, and our policies reflect our efforts to work with our studio community. We look for the best in our students and studio community.

We invite you to take part in our yoga challenges, holiday parties, meditations and workshops. We love to have fun, together!