Sun Yoga




Sun Yoga is my favorite yoga studio in Honolulu. The infrared heat is cleansing and healing. It’s a great place to start and/or finish the day. There are many class times available from early morning till 7:30 pm. There are also a variety of classes including heated and low heat hatha classes as well as yin which is slower and meditative. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. I always look forward to my time there. Michelle, the owner, has created a very healing and welcoming environment. It’s my home away from home!!!

Kathleen S. - Hawaii

Sun Yoga has contributed to amazing changes in my life! I am so grateful to them! I was sluggish and depressed. I was unable to get past an accident that happened to me 5 years ago. After I started taking classes, my life significantly changed. I quickly became more flexible, positive, and had way more energy! What a life changer! Thanks to the great staff and owner, Michelle, my life is on track once again!!

Jan Fiddler - Hawaii

SUN YOGA HAWAII is the best that happened to me in a long time. It has changed my life in such a profound way. Going there is like receiving a big hug daily. The team is so welcoming and loving and the warm atmosphere of the studio makes it so easy to feel good already before you even started.
Each teacher has a very unique quality of sharing the gift of this form of yoga so it never gets boring. The main focus of the practice is GRATITUDE and what a great reminder that is.
The heat helps me to be much more flexible and it feels so good to be in the hot room. It burns doubts, anger and fear away. I practice about 5 times a week now and must say it is addictive. It makes me feel so good, I wanna go as much as possible.

I am grateful and thank the whole team of SUN YOGA with all my heart, a true pearl in Aina Haina and a gift for body and soul.

Lucie L. - Hawaii