Discover 5 types of yoga and all their benefits.

Do you have a lot of doubts about Yoga, fear of being judged or afraid that it will be too difficult? Insecurity is natural and part of being human, but know that Yoga respects the choices and rhythm of each one. There are no judgments.

With practice, you enter a philosophy focused on developing balance between mind and body. Each practitioner seeks self-knowledge, greater well-being, more physical disposition, stress relief and other benefits of the practice.

Immerse yourself body and soul in the practice of Yoga! Discover the most diverse ways to do yoga, choose the one that makes the most sense for you and don’t waste any more time. Come change your life with us.

Hot Yoga

That’s Sun Yoga’s specialty! A combination of Vinyasa Sun Salutations, Hatha and Tantric Yoga that can truly change your life! Plus, it burns up to 500 calories per class, amazing isn’t it? See more benefits:

  • Decreases inflammation and muscle stiffness;
  • Increases metabolism;
  • Improves joint mobility;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Improves the balance and beautification and elasticity of the skin;
  • Improves sleep, mood, energy.

Infrared heated class: 100-105 degrees that can work the body as a whole, improving all internal body systems, preventing and aiding in healing of chronic diseases and injuries, as well as delaying the effects of aging.

Sun Flow

Come join us for a Vinyasa yoga class in the low temperature infrared studio! Sun Flow is the perfect combination of breath, movement and music for an energizing, revitalizing and detoxifying experience.

  • Decreases muscle stiffness;
  • Increases flexibility, strength and endurance;
  • Improves metabolism;
  • Strengthens the immune system, coordination and balance.
  • Increases energy, improves mood, general health, peace and well-being.

In a class of infrared heating; 90-95 degrees!

Sun Sculpt

Define the muscles while the mind and body are in balance! This modality consists of 10 minutes of yoga warm-up, 40 minutes of Sculpt (strength training exercises) and a 10-minute yoga cool-down.

It is a practice to increase your metabolism and build lean muscle mass. If that’s your goal, just book your first class!

  • Increases strength, muscle mass and function;
  • Improves balance;
  • Have more resistance to illness and injury;
  • Burn up to 500 calories per class.

Infrared heating class: 95-100 degrees.

Yoga Nidra | iRest

Are you stressed? A lot of work? Can’t rest? iRest was made for you, as it consists of a guided and transformative meditation practice that provides tools for deep relaxation and other benefits such as:

  • releases stress;
  • Increases resilience;
  • It gives you greater mastery and control in your life.

You can learn to face daily challenges with more compassion and strength, in this class you build the tools you need to focus your attention where you want it and transform your responses to stressful situations.

Yin Yoga

This class has a slower pace, where the positions are held for longer, which helps in the connective tissues of the body, especially the tendons and ligaments. Other advantages are:

  • Increased circulation in the joints;
  • Improved flexibility;
  • Deep relaxation;
  • Relieves stress;
  • Tones the muscles.

Yin yoga cultivates awareness of inner silence. Restores the body’s connective tissues, especially in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. This class is not heated.

What are you waiting for to change your life with the practice of Yoga? Choose the modality that makes the most sense for you and get in touch right now!

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