Discover 10 simple ways to act better right now!

Age comes and that doesn’t have to mean illness. As we age, our bodies undergo various changes that can impact our physical health. Engaging in physical activity can help improve cardiovascular health, increase flexibility and balance, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. A healthy diet can provide the necessary […]

5 tips to make meditation a habit of well-being and health!

A unique practice that brings multiple results. If you heard that there was a recipe for reducing anxiety, sleeping better, improving focus, relaxing, dealing with health problems, among others, would you try it? This recipe exists and it’s nothing new: I’m talking about meditation. “The Buddha was asked: What have you gained from meditation? He […]

5 small morning routines that improve the quality of life

Bet on small habits that generate big impacts! Good morning habits can influence the day, making the energies flow in a more joyful and calm way. And we all need a lull during the day, don’t we? And we know that changing habits or adding new ones is always a challenge! That’s why we separated […]

What is self-knowledge and why is it so important?

From making decisions with more conscience, to understanding your own feelings, self-knowledge is fundamental to living a life with more quality and fullness. It is from looking inward that we can analyze and clarify our own behaviors, recognize limits and identify things more clearly. Therefore, when we talk about self-care, we are talking about prioritizing […]

What is serotonin and how does it work in our body?

A neurotransmitter that works in the brain, establishing communication between nerve cells and can also be found in the digestive system and blood platelets. This is serotonin, popularly known as the happiness hormone. It is able to regulate mood, sleep, appetite, heart rate, body temperature, sensitivity and cognitive functions and, therefore, when it is in […]

Do you suffer from low self-esteem or anxiety? This article is for you!

Discover a practice to combat the evils of the century. In the society we live in, where the cult of the image is so great and so manipulated, problems with self-esteem are increasingly common. After all, how can we accept and love ourselves as normal people when everyone else is so perfect? And in a […]