What is self-knowledge and why is it so important?

From making decisions with more conscience, to understanding your own feelings, self-knowledge is fundamental to living a life with more quality and fullness.

It is from looking inward that we can analyze and clarify our own behaviors, recognize limits and identify things more clearly. Therefore, when we talk about self-care, we are talking about prioritizing yourself.

Socrates said “know thyself” many years ago and that advice is still relevant today. And as it is always easier in theory, we wrote this article for you to understand what self-knowledge is, its importance and we left a special tip at the end!

Good reading!

What is self-knowledge?

Self-knowledge refers to the awareness of your essence as a human being. Your flaws, your qualities, your fears, your limitations, your talents, your beliefs and inclinations. What makes you happy? What motivates you or what demotivates you? What gives you courage, among other questions.

In addition to the concept itself, it is necessary to think a little more about the process that self-knowledge requires. It is necessary to carry out an internal mapping of our actions and an understanding of what needs to be changed so that we become better individuals and what we can exalt and value.

It is a complex process, which requires training, dedication and constancy and can help both in personal and professional life. So, to put it into practice, it’s important to exercise reflection and not be afraid to change some habits!

How important is it?

When we have a great sense of self, it is possible for us to perceive our own limits, identify, predict and control our own behaviors. We become capable of creating a repertoire to deal with internal processes and life, developing, from this perspective, a connection with your “I” that occupies the external world.

This allows us to develop social skills in the forms of interaction and also empathy, that is, self-reports contribute to the people around us being able to have knowledge of what we are internalizing.

Improving not only our relationship with ourselves, but also with the people we love.

Amazing tip about self-knowledge: practice yoga!

The practice of yoga goes beyond any physical activity, because in addition to working the body, it also works our mind. Yeah, it’s also breathing and connection to yourself.

Through postures (asanas), breathing (pranayamas) and meditation, which make up the practice, you can connect with all layers of your existence: body and mind.

And what better way to search for self-knowledge than connecting with each of these layers? Sun Yoga can help you with this, get in touch!

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