6 reasons for you to start practicing Yoga!

Are you wanting to start practicing but still need a last little push? Read this text!

Without contraindication, Yoga is an exercise that has three main ones: unite, integrate and totalize, with the aim of achieving well-being by integrating our being as a whole. Using breathing techniques, postures, movements and meditation.

Yoga is a physical exercise that demands and develops the whole body and balances body, mind and emotions, invigorating a busy and exhausting routine. It’s a philosophy of life that has a lot to add, isn’t it?

Here are 6 reasons for you to start practicing right now:

1. Promotes physical conditioning

In the practice of Sun Sculpt, exercises and postures increase resistance and strengthen muscles intensely. It consists of 10 minutes of yoga warm-up, 40 minutes of strength training and, at the end, 10 minutes of deep relaxation.

This improves the body’s performance in physical activities and daily tasks, increases lean mass and leaves the body in shape, with greater definition and toned muscles. It also boosts metabolism, builds lean muscle mass, increases strength, improves balance, builds more resistance to illness and injury, burning up to 500 calories per class.

2. Increases flexibility

If you dedicate yourself to Yoga, with stretching and time, your body tends to acquire greater flexibility and resistance, increasing the body’s ability to perform certain movements and to adapt to postures that bring many benefits, ranging from increased blood circulation to the prevention of body aches.

3. Improve your posture

Yoga makes us have more body awareness. That way, we are gradually adapting our posture and preventing spine problems!

4. Improves concentration

Consequence of conscious breathing, when we pay attention to the breath, we stay 100% in the present time, ceasing unnecessary thoughts that usually get in the way of carrying out the demands of everyday life.

With a calmer and more balanced mind, it is possible to focus on everyday tasks more easily and willingly. Small duties become easier and can be done even more quickly and efficiently.

5. Lose weight!

As it helps to control anxiety and is capable of accelerating metabolism, those who do Yoga can also notice a significant improvement in sleep, which is also essential for those who wish to lose weight.

6. Reduces stress

Doing Yoga is a way to reinvigorate the energies spent throughout the day. Breathing exercises and, above all, meditation are responsible for calming the mind and body, as well as clearing the individual of all the natural stress and nervousness of everyday life.
So, are you convinced now? Come to Sun Yoga!

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