Is Yoga for me? See if the practice is right for you

Comece agora mesmo a prática que vai mudar a sua vida!

Many people wonder if Yoga is the right activity for them and many people don’t even try because they think it’s not! There are several types of sport that are not inclusive and not everyone can practice.

Starting Yoga is a great way to de-stress, promote the body’s self-healing, have more energy, hope, mental health and go on a journey that will transform your look at yourself and the world, gaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

In addition to providing all of this, Yoga is completely inclusive and all you need to get started is to have a body, regardless of size, age, color or gender. In other words, Yoga is for everyone!

Breaking Yoga Myths

When will I put my foot behind my head?

We understand that the true result of the practice of Yoga comes through our personal effort, within what each of us can accomplish, always respecting our own limits. And you can expand your limits, with dedication and effort (without forcing!!)

I am very much looking forward to such a calm practice!

One of the many benefits of Yoga is precisely the reduction of stress, the increase in the ability to relax and our state of prevention and connection with the now. Therefore, reducing anxiety is one of the advantages of the practice and not a prerequisite.

How am I going to meditate if I can’t stop thinking about everything?

With Yoga, we increase our state of presence, that is, our perception of the here and now. We manage to be more present in each moment, living one thing at a time and in this process of calming and centering the mind, not only physical postures are powerful allies, but also breathing, meditation and deep relaxation techniques.
So, do you still think Yoga is not for you? Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, flexible or rusty, allow yourself to embark on this incredible universe that is the knowledge of Yoga, with Sun Yoga! Contact.

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