5 tips to make meditation a habit of well-being and health!

A unique practice that brings multiple results.

If you heard that there was a recipe for reducing anxiety, sleeping better, improving focus, relaxing, dealing with health problems, among others, would you try it? This recipe exists and it’s nothing new: I’m talking about meditation.

“The Buddha was asked: What have you gained from meditation? He replied: nothing. But let me tell you what I missed: anxiety, anger, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.”

8 tips to put meditation in your daily life

To start practicing meditation you will also need courage. Courage to allow yourself to be silent, to dive within yourself and listen to your thoughts, feelings and your intuition.

1- Take a moment for yourself

If it’s important, it’s on your agenda! Taking a moment throughout the day to disconnect from the outside world and connect with yourself is very important.

It can be when waking up, to allow you to start the day with less anxiety and more focus; in the middle of the day, to rest a little from tasks; or when going to bed, to calm the mind before going to sleep.

2- Don’t fight with your thoughts, watch them

Start exercising by being an observer of your thoughts and feelings. What are they trying to tell you? When they come, imagine that thoughts are like clouds, let them come and let them go.

3- Your mind is where you put your attention

When someone is struggling or suffering for some reason, you might think it’s right to suffer with them.

But the best thing to do is to take care of your energy, because it reverberates to your surroundings. For your family, friends, the planet and anyone you want to help. We are all one.

4- Choose a comfortable posture

Forget the posture we usually see around, the person sitting in the lotus position requires prior training. For those just starting out, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Do some short, light stretches and start by sitting in a chair. Feet firmly on the ground, hands on the legs, chin slightly lifted. Just be careful that your spine is straight, without straining. The important thing is that you manage to find a posture that allows you to be relaxed but, at the same time, wake up and be aware.

5- Choose the time you will dedicate to practice.

The longer, the longer the workout and the greater the benefits, but at the same time it should be a doable amount of time within your routine.

Very important: set an alarm clock or timer to mark it, so that you can really dedicate yourself to the practice in the time you have chosen. This is your time to be with you and meditate.

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