5 small morning routines that improve the quality of life

Bet on small habits that generate big impacts!

Good morning habits can influence the day, making the energies flow in a more joyful and calm way. And we all need a lull during the day, don’t we?

And we know that changing habits or adding new ones is always a challenge! That’s why we separated small changes that you can start tomorrow and make your days more amazing!

1. Start waking up earlier!

Getting up early helps build a good routine! Look for the best time according to your routine, no waking up at 5 am if you need to go to sleep at midnight, for example.

The ideal is to find a schedule that reconciles a good night’s sleep with rest and health care. If you’re really not used to it, start small – without making drastic changes. Is 6am too early for you? Try 8 am, then change your alarm clock to 7:45 am, then to 7:30 am and see what time works best until you make it a habit.

2. Drink 500 ml of water in the morning

On average, we sleep between 5 to 8 hours, right? Your body has been without hydration all this time, so it’s good to start drinking water first thing in the morning. In addition to hydrating your body, water will help activate your metabolism, helping your body rid itself of toxins, stimulate your brain, and even help you eat less!

3. Dismiss the screens when waking up

Every day it’s harder to get away from screens, whether it’s computer, cell phone or television. Including, some of the devices save a large part of our lives. The tip for a healthier morning routine is to leave screens and their myriad worries and distractions aside for as long as possible, to focus on other activities and prepare for a new day. The absence of the intense flow of information favors a calmer mind focused on what really matters.

4. How about some Yoga in the morning?

Doing yoga in the morning is like a breath of fresh air, like that lap we no longer have as an adult. It is a complete work, body, soul and mind. And it can help you a lot to have a lighter routine!

Yogis who follow through with this morning commitment may see benefits such as:

  • increased flexibility;
  • gain in strength and muscle tone;
  • greater vital energy in everyday life;
  • reduction of stress and anxiety;
  • breathing improvement and more!

5. Meditate!

Meditating in the morning is highly recommended, as our mind prepares itself for the day to pass in peace and tranquility. Performing morning meditation gives us courage and disposition for the day’s activities, in addition to making us more attentive, relieving our stress and giving us greater emotional balance.

Want to include another routine in your repertoire and experience lifelong improvements? Contact us!

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