5 Things Yoga Does That You Didn’t Know

With each passing day, more people begin to delve into Yoga, as its benefits are becoming more and more famous. Even if there are still stigmas and prejudices around the practice.

The benefits for the body and mind are countless and felt after a lot of practice, with dedication and time. But the connection with who we are is one of the main benefits and the first to be noticed.

Even so, a mystery surrounds the practice, which has fans all over the world. That’s why it’s likely that after that first class you’ll ask yourself: why didn’t anyone tell me that…?

Discover 5 things about Yoga that you didn’t know:

1. There are different types of Yoga:

There are many people who believe that Yoga is one thing, but in fact there is an incredible diversity within the practice. Right here at Sun Yoga we offer different types of practices like Sun Yoga, Sun Flow, Sun Sculpt, Yoga Nidra and others.

Each style is guided by a unique proposal, which makes the practices reach different objectives. All come from Hatha Yoga, the guide of all styles, but each one creates specific characteristics.

2. Yoga causes muscle pain!

A lot of people have been thinking that it’s just stretching and meditation, but Yoga is a practice of strength and muscle strengthening! Beginners who arrive out of shape and think that practice won’t make any difference, leave classes panting and wake up full of muscle pain, or growing pains!

3. You don’t have to be flexible to practice Yoga!

People mistakenly believe that they need some special skill or clothing to begin the practice. Or else they think they need to be calmer, when, in fact, with time and dedication, Yoga will improve all of that.

The muscles loosen up and you become more flexible naturally. Also, you learn to disconnect from the outside world and manage to be present.

4. Perfect body doesn’t exist and every body can practice!

It is common to associate that yoga practitioners are thin and have sculptural bodies. It’s not like that. The universal practice brings different fans, with different physical conditions and motor coordination.

5. Advanced Yoga is not just posture, but breathing!

The main way to be advanced in yoga is to be aware and in control of your breathing. Calm mind reflects in a peaceful body. Thus, thoughts no longer torment you during body movements.

Do you want to start practicing Yoga? Come take a class with us!

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