How sun yoga was born and how we want to impact the world

Find out how we started and how we intend to change the world, at least the people.

We were born out of a desire to help people! We deeply know the benefits of the practice of Hot Yoga, we feel it every day and we decided that our duty is to spread all the positive impacts we have had in our lives.

The founder of Sun Yoga, Michele Santos, started with the practice of Hot Yoga while still in college and, even after the birth of her first child, she stuck with the practice and marveled at all the benefits it brings.

We separate everything about our history and purpose for you to know! Good reading.

How Hot Yoga Impacted Michele’s Life

Michele, founder of Sun Yoga, started practicing Hot Yoga during her time in college and, in parallel, became pregnant and gave birth to her first child. These are two activities that demand a lot from people, attention and energy, in addition to other everyday things.

And it was through Hot Yoga that her energy, focus and commitment increased significantly and she was able to manage all activities despite the difficulties.

Realizing all the positive effects in her life by the practice, she decided to become a teacher and pass her knowledge on to more people, as she was impressed with the effects of Hot Yoga that she herself had and now the practice is always part of her life.

Purpose: to share the gift you received

Michele’s main purpose was to share the gift of Hot Yoga with more people, for her it was a gift that made her strong and she knew she could do good for the lives of others. It was after the birth of her second child that she found the strength to fulfill her dream: to open a space of her own.

So, he sought knowledge incessantly, strengthened the practice of Hot Yoga and, in March 2012, between one meditation and another that Sun Yoga was born. The light and warmth of the Hawaiian sun, her home, were sparks in her heart and gave her the energy she needed to make her dream come true.

Our greatest mission

Sun Yoga’s mission is to help every person who comes to us feel better and better from the inside out, every day. We do this through the ancient practice of yoga and served with hearts full of aloha. Sun Yoga is here to help you feel good and positively affect generations to come! Come and be part of this community.

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