"I just finished my fourth class at Sun Yoga and I am so happy I found this place !! We've lived here over two years and I have tried four yoga and hot yoga studios an none compare!! From the minute I walked into the studio I knew I had found my forever yoga place. The staff is sooo welcoming and encouraging, the atmosphere is peaceful and inviting and the yoga room with it's bamboo flooring is clean and always has a wonderful calming aroma…I have taken 4 different hot yoga classes at Sun Yoga with four different instructors (on purpose) and I have to say they were ALL wonderful. They are all so encouraging without being intimidating. I cannot give this Yoga studio enough praise, I finally found a hot yoga studio that I actually LOVE going to !!! Thank you Sun Yoga! If I could give 10 stars I would." Kathy W. - Hawaii Kai

"Having never been a person who was interested in physical exercise outside of my routine daily activities, I was quite reluctant to begin hot yoga. One of my co-workers encouraged me to try, and despite my many excuses, here I am, nearly 2 weeks, and 11 classes later and I feel GREAT! I find myself going to class everyday, and am making progress on my ability to hold the expressions with greater endurance and flexibility. Michele and Alex have been awesome instructors, understanding my need to develop slowly, and they provide a very calm, and comfortable learning environment.

At first the heat was my main concern, and now I find myself not really noticing it, but always appreciating how good I feel after sweating through an entire class! I always appreciate the quotes that are recited by the instructors mid class, I find them to be very motivational to my life, and my yoga practice. Before I even finished my first two weeks, I have already purchased the six month package, and am excited to continue practicing yoga with Sun Yoga as often as I possibly can!

Thank You Michele, Alex, and everyone else at Sun Yoga for providing such an amazing place to practice, and learn, and thank you Lily for your encouragement to get me to start yoga!" -Aaron

"As a life long surfer and soccer player I'm always looking for new training programs. Sun Yoga with the heated infrared lights is the best training possible. No impact, lots of sweting and no recovery time needed. It's just the perfect training regimen and also improves my overall health. I'm hooked for life :)" - Rumulo Fonseca

"I just want to thank you for introducing me to Sun Yoga! Practicing Sun Yoga has helped me in many ways. I've been surfing for over 40 years and really didn't do to much stretching or warming up before a surf. This resulted in back injuries, overall stiffness and chronic pain in my neck and through out my body. What I love about Sun Yoga is I get a great workout and I come out feeling great. Being introduced to Yoga has really helped gain back my flexibility and strengthen my overall body." - Dave Miyamoto

"Sun Yoga Hawaii provides me with a place and time to develop an improved, personal daily routine. This was my first attempt at yoga classes, so initially I wasn't sure what to expect from the class or from my body. I haven't been as active as I could be, and this yoga opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. I needed guidance, and an incentive to establish a better lifestyle for myself. Sun Yoga has provided me with both.

Michele and her staff have calm, positive, uplifting energy, which allows me to progress at my own pace within the 60-minute series. They remind you to "listen to your body", yet guide you through personal challenges throughout various poses.

I signed up for the $30 for two weeks of Unlimited Sun Yoga classes, and participated in the "challenge" to complete 8 classes with the two weeks. I just finished the challenge and surprised myself by actually completing 10 classes during the two weeks. It's so rewarding to complete the challenge and to see friends and acquaintances do the same! "Congrats!" to everyone on the cute tracking board!

Since incorporating Sun Yoga into my lifestyle, I've noticed a clearer state of mind, and less mental fatigue allowing me to focus better. My skin feels softer, and have less issues related to sinus congestion. Physically, the stretching has reduced work-related tension around my neck and shoulder area, and lower back fatigue from sitting. I also notice better flexibility in my ankle, calf, knee, and thigh area - especially upon standing after sitting for a length of time, or negotiating stairs. Overall, Sun Yoga has provided me with increased mental and physical stamina during my daily, and weekend-warrior actives." - Carole

Thank You!

More Testimonials!

"Someone told me, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Yoga at 68 is a challenge, but it has definitely changed me. I have osteoarthritis in my knee and have been told that it will gradually worsen and that there is no cure for it. Yoga has slowed its progression, relieved the pain of walking, and given my knee joint the kind of flexibility that physical therapy has not been able to do. I now stand taller and straighter, walk longer distances, climb stairs, and continue to gain flexibility, balance, and strength. And all it takes is a few hours of yoga each week.

Whenever someone compliments me on looking good at my age, I say it’s YOGA. It has helped me accept the aging process and not become overwhelmed by it. I leave yoga class with a greater appreciation of who I am and gratitude for everything that surrounds me. Yoga is something I am committed to doing for myself. I know this is a commitment I can keep because I am supported by caring and compassionate instructors and all those with whom I share my practice. How can I ask for anything more?! Thank you Michelle and the instructors who guide me each day through my practice. The Sun Yoga studio is not a place to “do” yoga; it is a place that nurtures and energizes both my body and spirit." With gratitude, Leila Naka

"I love Sun Yoga. I am a long time practitioner of yoga and have frequented many studios and experienced lots of approaches to yoga. I honestly did not anticipate enjoying these classes so much!

I've always been drawn to classes that offer a lot of variety and have never really been interested in hot yoga. To my surprise, I left my first class at Sun Yoga feeling totally energized and peaceful and with each visit have continued to find more depth of practice both physically and spiritually. For me, the classes offer a perfect balance of challenging activity and peaceful calm. The teachers are inspiring and fun and the studio seems to attract a great group of students, which has created a welcoming yoga community. Thank you Sun Yoga!" - Krista G

"Glad I visited this yoga centre. Yoga instruction - outstanding and ambience - inviting and relaxing. Had a very great workout and plan to continue my membership. Well done! Finally a neighborhood yoga centre here to stay for a long time!”- Adeline S

"I'm very pleased to have joined Sun Yoga Hawaii. The instructors are very pleasing, and excellent instructors. They always take the time to make sure you are performing the poses correctly for your health benefit.”- Irma B

"I loved the service! Michelle and the gang run the best yoga shala on the island. Classes are intense and well taught. The studio is immaculate, and the class energy, divine." - Jen Rigg

"I like the feel of the studio,. The teachers are personable and understand yoga. They don't push you to do poses you are unable to do. I keep feeling better as I go longer." - Kristine Huntsman

"I have and will continue to encourage my friends and family to practice at Sun Yoga. I personally have experienced the benefits of Hot Yoga. The instructors are excellent and the members are very friendly. I really enjoy the Family atmosphere at Sun Yoga." - Ed Morishima, Jr.

"I love the service! Awesome team of instructors. Studio is clean and always very welcoming. After a hard day of work, it's a great work out and stress reliever." - Debbie Nishiyama

"I loved the service!" - Rebeca Zamora

"Friendly personable staff. Know everybody's name and have good intentions." - Kelly Wadlegger

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