Journey To Health & Wellness

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." ~ Napolean Hill

We are all creators of our own health and well being too. We have the wisdom inside. The real question is, can we become proactive and follow our internal guiding system for our health and happiness? Sometimes it is necessary to seek medical interventions for healing, but we must always control our thoughts and emotions to create the best possible reality we can imagine. If we focus inward, becoming more present with thoughts, our feelings, strengthening our inner resources and ourselves we can find the answers for our life’s circumstances.

Stress and burnout are extreme health problems today, sleep, meditation, exercise, yoga, deep relaxation can dramatically help. Life is not an endless pursuit of activities disconnected from our hearts. We are bigger than our jobs, our professional roles. If we shift our focus to something purposeful, inspiring and meaningful to us we can connect in a deeper way to the world around us, and those we love. Research shows that one of the best-and cheapest- ways to become healthier and happier is through mindful meditation. Meditation is not having no thoughts at all. Our minds and bodies are connected. When the body relaxes, the mind relieves stress by having thoughts. We then choose to focus on the present moment, our breath, or the experience of witnessing a sunrise, a sunset, a flower, the wind, the water, the beauty of nature, we can focus the mind in the present moment and relief the symptoms of stress.

The practice of yoga is extremely helpful in connecting us to our inner self, bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit. As it says in The Bhagavad Gita, yoga is a life long journey from the self, through the self, to the self. If you feel like yoga may be a journey you are interested in taking, I encourage you to pursuit it with all your heart. May your heart be fulfilled with love and light that is inherent in each one of us. May that guiding light nourish our thoughts and actions so we can live this day, present, aware and connected.

Aloha & Namaste,

Michele Lowchinovscy Santos - Sun Yoga Hawaii (founder)

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