1- Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class. Give yourself enough time to find a comfortable place to practice, put away your belongings, and relax on the mat BEFORE the teacher begins class.

2- Turn OFF your cellular phones and keep your belonging outside in the lobby. Bring only your mat, towel and water into the yoga studio.

3- Download our free SUN YOGA HAWAII APP on your mobile device to reserve your space in class. We hold the reservations until 5 minutes before class begins.

4- Please write your name on the SIGN-IN sheet and use your Sun Yoga keychain with barcode to SCAN yourself into class if you are a member. We do this BEFORE entering the studio space. Space is limited, please help the front desk keep the correct amount of students in class.

5- Please bring a large TOWEL to class. Place your towel over the mat. A large towel is required for our heated Sun Yoga classes, the infrared heat helps us to sweat and detoxify our bodies. Your towel will absorb your sweat and help keep our floors clean and dry.

6- Bring enough WATER to class. Please DO NOT WALK OUT to get more water or to cool down. It is very important to stay in the room. Your circulatory system is dilated during class bringing high quantities of fresh oxygenated blood to every cell in the body. Walking outside changes the temperature of the body, making the circulatory system less efficient and loosing many benefits, it also disrupts the flow of class and creates a domino effect. Only walk out in case of a real emergency. In that case teacher will come outside to check on you.

7- STAY in the room through entire class. If not possible, come at a different time when you are able to stay the entire class.

8- Always LISTEN to your body. PRACTICE with the class as much as possible. Avoid practicing different poses or variations unless your body needs modifications, please ask our instructors before class if that is the case. If you feel at any time nauseous or dizzy please simply lie down on your back, focus on taking deep breaths and relaxing. It is normal to feel dizzy or nauseous sometimes, specially if you haven’t been practicing. Take care of yourself before and after class. Please always come to class well hydrated. Always drink plenty of water after class and though out your day. Avoid eating a large meal at least 2 hours before class. Make sure you are well nourished, do not come to class if you have not eaten all day.

9- If you would like to take a shower after class, please be mindful to keep showers to 5 minutes maximum. Please dry yourself off completely while inside the shower stall. Help keep our bathroom floors dry.

10- We practice a deep relaxation after each Sun Yoga class. If you arrive to take the next class, please practice SILENCE or WHISPER while outside in the lobby DURING DEEP RELAXATION time.

11- After the deep relaxation time it’s okay to talk story, laugh, get to your each other and have fun during lobby time. However, please practice SILENCE if you choose to relax INSIDE STUDIO SPACE BEFORE CLASS begins.


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