When people ask what makes SUN YOGA HAWAII so special? We must say that the number one asset that makes Sun Yoga the amazing studio it is is our COMMUNITY. In Sun Yoga we treat all of our students and teachers as FAMILY, in Hawaii we call it ‘OHANA. Our unity with our studio community is one of our greatest values. We honor nature, we are grateful each day for the amazing paradise we call home, and the sense of connection, of oneness with each other.

We do our best to take care of our studio ‘ohana. In Sun Yoga we value knowing each student by the first name, we love to know more about who you are, your story. Everyone has a story, we receive great fulfillment from getting to know each other. We live in an age where it is socially acceptable to only connect through virtual media. However, in Sun Yoga we value connecting in the old fashioned way. We like to sit out in the lobby and talk story, yet we all enjoy also simply laying on our mats before class begins and relax in silence.

Sun Yoga listens to our students preferences, to their individual needs. Therefore, we understand life happens, our policies reflect our efforts to work with our studio community. We look out for the best for our students and studio community. In Sun Yoga we also offer challenges, holiday parties, sail cruises, beach yoga, meditation workshops, and other events year round because we LOVE to HAVE FUN, together!


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For just $49.99+tax, complete 8 classes in 2 weeks & the value paid can be applied to a membership or session pack. Valid for Oahu residents with Hawaii ID & returning students who have not practiced in 6 months.

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