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Sun Yoga Hawaii was born from a simple desire to empower others in creating a space within where one feels physical health, a sense of gratitude, and a connection to oneself and others. Sun Yoga Hawaii provides a nurturing environment for that journey. Our hot yoga classes employ a natural and fluid blend of meditation, sun salutations, unique hot yoga sequences, and deep relaxation. All levels of skill are welcome. Sun Yoga Hawaii offers a beginners sequence that fits all levels from elite athletes to those new to the practice.

Sun Yoga Hawaii founder Michele Lowchinovscy Santos credits Bikram Yoga as the catalyst for her passion for hot yoga. Through a decade of practice, her respect for other practices grew as well. Michele expanded her breadth of knowledge to include many types of yoga--she understood the concept of YOGA is ONE, that many paths will lead to the one desired goal of a higher self. As a result, many great teachers had influence in shaping Sun Yoga Hawaii's beginner sequence.

Classes are held in an Infrared Heated studio, with the temperatures ranging from 99 to 105 degrees. Sun Yoga Hawaii specifically chose Infrared Heating as its source as studies have shown scientifically proven benefits for the body: an increase in white blood cells (responsible for fighting infection), an increase in the circulatory system, detoxification of the internal organs, and an increase in flexibility of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and even fascia.

Nature plays a pivotal role at Sun Yoga Hawaii. Our studio environment strives to bring the wonders of island's beauty inside. Within our studio, local photographers showcase their images of our precious island: our aina and our oceans, sunrises and sunsets are exhibited to create a space filled with gratitude for our natural surroundings. Classes are practiced starting with sun salutations facing the East, honoring the traditional and energetic principles. The sounds of Nature fill the background as we connect with ourselves. Sun Yoga Hawaii utilizes eco-friendly solid bamboo flooring.

Our studio is local and family operated. Our teachers are all deeply connected with our island and its people. Our teachers have all been through extensive training. Their passion for yoga is testament to Sun Yoga Hawaii's desire to help others achieve inner grace.

It is our intention at Sun Yoga Hawaii to honor your individual journey within while empowering you to discover the connection between the your mind, body and soul. Thank you so much for your interest in Sun Yoga Hawaii. We look forward to seeing you in class very soon!

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